The National Service Scheme of HIT Coimbatore was initiated over four years ago with a sincere vision to benefit the society, creating in due course a country with equality in thought and opportunity. And it has continually strived towards the fruitful manifestation of this vision ever since.

Every institution has a vision whose rightful embodiment defines its mission; the NSS of HIT Coimbatore has one too. We at NSS function with a mission to mobilize our nation’s youth into a sect of progressive citizens and imbibe in them an inclination towards social service.

The National Service Scheme of HIT Coimbatore looks forward for socially relevant initiatives, taken up as individual projects to create an impact on NSS volunteers as well as on the society. As we battle corruption, greed, hunger, poverty, and illiteracy, we hope that one day our country will once again be restored to its Historic Glory. To this brilliant future we must commit, for work is left and it us who lead the nation to do what is our calling.

The NSS of HIT Coimbatore has consciously undergone a series of structural and ideological changes in order to foster creativity and innovation in all its activities. Our motto is HUMANITY THROUGH SERVICE. We actively promote Projects that are related to the theme of education, though we will support any project related to helping others.

The new NSS dreams of a system where the sky is the limit. Where reinventing the wheel is not the order of the day.